Security Assessment and Consulting

The HIPAA Security Regulations have a compliance deadline of April 20, 2005. Compliance requires a complete inventory and analysis of all applications and information flows, as well as a complete health information Risk Analysis. In addition, all security compliance activities, policies, and procedures must be thoroughly documented.

Compliance with the Security Rule is not “just an IT department thing.” About half the requirements are administrative, and compliance involves everyone in your organization. HIPAA Security is all about having an information security process. Compliance requires a top-to-toe evaluation of your organization’s systems and security practices and its existing policies and procedures.

Proviatek HIPAA Security Compliance Services can provide the experienced assistance you need to meeting all the requirements of the Security Rule.

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As of December, 2005 all merchants and service providers who handle credit or debit card information are required to meet a new, common standard for information security, called the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. How you are required to validate your compliance depends on how much business you do by payment card and whether or not you previously have suffered a breach of cardholder information.

If you suffer a breach and aren’t in compliance, you could be fined from $50,000 to $500,000 and be required to regularly conduct expensive third-party audits of your information security. In order to be in compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard you need to satisfy twelve basic requirements in information security, as well as the many details that support those requirements.

We are experienced in helping clients comply with information security regulations and providing the information, tools, and services necessary to maintain the security of individual information and protect their clients from the significant and increasing costs of cardholder information security breaches and their resolution.

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We have helped clients establish Integrated information security management process and all its underlying policies, procedures, documentation and training activities, so that you can be in compliance with HIPAA privacy, HIPAA security, PCI, and any other regulations that affect information security and data management.

We have also provided the policy review and development services, risk analysis, risk assessment, and compliance assessment services to help clients move to compliance quickly, safely, and economically.

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We provided on-site presentations on current topics of interest about information privacy and security at no or nominal cost to qualified organizations throughout the Northeast U.S.

These presentations are designed to help organizations understand and move ahead with information privacy and security, and compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, the FRCP E-Discovery Rule, and the various state information security breach notification laws.

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