Internet Access

WiFi Installation Companies Near Me

Microwave wireless Internet connections are mounted on rooftops and ground-level locations with antennas, making them land-based. These frequencies do not require a large travel path to work properly. The benefit of this is that most weather will not impact your microwave fixed wireless Internet signal.

In terms of internet access, microwave fixed wireless Internet is substantially less expensive than satellite or fiber optic connections. In addition to cost, microwave fixed wireless Internet is more reliable than satellite services and has lower latency than fiber-optic connections.

Partners we work with for Fixed Wireless ISP Solutions are:

  • WiFi Network Installation Company
  • Switch Installation Services

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WiFi Installation Companies Near Me

Wireless and Mobile Computing Infrastructure Services

We are “vendor agnostic,” and have installed nationwide wireless / WiFi equipment from practically any wireless / WiFi vendor for various clients.

Site Surveys

We always perform a site survey first. This is a physical survey of a client’s facility to locate the best possible places to install access points, ensure 100% wireless coverage and optimum performance. The ultimate goal of the site survey and RF test is to help determine the number and placement of the access points.

WiFi / WLAN Network Design / Engineering

Deploying a wireless network requires careful planning. Business requirements and objectives need to be evaluated and a site survey must be undertaken to determine possible sources of interference. WiFi Networks can be tricky to implement in high interference areas, and might be incompatible with existing equipment, which can create security risks.

WLANs are best used in addition to, rather than a replacement to wired networks. Our engineers will assure proper planning when designing and implementing your wireless network. The complexity of your network will vary depending on the size of your facility and structural obstacles.

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WiFi Network Installation Company

To increase a network’s capacity, we provide our clients with wireless backhaul solutions.

This wireless technology provides a cost-effective, flexible and scalable alternative to fiber-optic and leased lines — and it can be installed in a fraction of the time.

Partners we work with for wireless backhaul solutions are:

  • Switch Installation Services
  • WiFi Installation Companies Near Me

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