Speech Privacy

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Speech privacy is the inability of an unintentional listener to understand another person’s conversation. People with a lack of speech privacy are overhearing lots of conversations that they shouldn’t be, which can be frustrating to be business owners and employees.

When we look at acoustical related complaints, our clients’ complaints mostly center on the idea that others can hear their conversations, or that we can hear others’ conversations (a lack of speech privacy) within the office setting.

53% of employee’s report having overheard confidential company information at the office. The lack of speech privacy can result in compliance and legal concerns when workers are discussing private customer information such as finance or healthcare records.

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Sound Masking

Speech Privacy Services in New York

Sound masking is the process of adding a low level, unobtrusive background sound to an environment to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduce noise distractions in that environment. The sound is typically introduced through speakers installed in or above the ceiling.

Sound masking works by a) raising the ambient noise level of an environment and b) making speech noise less intelligible and therefore less distracting.

Sound masking is effective and at a more comfortable frequency range than white noise, as sound masking’s frequency is similar to that of human speech.

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