Helpdesk, Staff Augmentation and IMACD

We specialize in providing helpdesk support services to large enterprises and medium-sized and small businesses. As an “insourced” IT firm, we’ve help our clients with existing helpdesk staff, and resourced for comprehensive helpdesk support networks from scratch.

Our helpdesk support includes phone and ticketing tracking solutions with customizable portals to ensure our clients’ staff can work efficiently and effectively as possible. Because customer service is at the forefront of many businesses, it’s our mission to provide effective 24/7 IT support helpdesk support service.

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Our staffing process helps provide technical skilled staff from our in-house talent pool to expedite our clients’ needs.

Clients can choose to have a team on-site, off-site or both. Having both an on-site and off-site team provides clients with 24/7 support. Clients also have the option to choose part-time or permanent staff.

We carefully source, hire, train and provide benefits and payroll to all of our employees. Since we handle the recruiting process and administrative costs, clients save substantially.

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Little details make a big difference, which is why we offer our clients cost-effective IT business move and changes solutions.

To allow Facilities Managers, Office Managers and IT Managers to budget their move accurately, we providing fixed, per user costs.

We also remove all the guesswork by setting the logistics for our clients’ moves and changes. This begins with an audit of a client’s desktop environment, allowing us to ensure everything is in the correct place. Upon relocation, we can test devices to ensure everything is working properly.

Moves and changes are usually conducted after office hours and we can also supply moving equipment to work with your team performing ad hoc desk moves.

We also safely dispose of IT equipment, taking this time-consuming task off of our clients’ hands. Whether they need to dispose of an outdated computer, rack of servers, a room full of CRT’s or several hundred disk drives containing sensitive data, we have provided disposal services fully compliant with current legislation and your data security requirements.

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