Cyber Security and User Privacy – In the healthcare sector

19 Aug 2019 by admin

Legal Notice: This is not legal advice or recommendation of any kind. Please, consult an official lawyer for issues regarding your regulatory compliance requirements.Globalization and cyberspace have already challenged much of the old national institutions and traditions, from business, healthcare, education and other social spheres. However, global cyberspace is still very immature when it comes to “taking care” rather than “profit”. Now is the time for healthcare providers to do a reality check of their information systems, both from the point of view of their own governance, business, and regulatory requirements as well as from the more challenging customer privacy point of view.

Cyber-global generation will expect much more from global healthcare concepts and providers, also in terms of security and privacy than what most of them can deliver today. The Safewalk platform from Proviatek can help you ensure that your healthcare solution stays in line with regulatory demands and modern privacy principles. By using high-end biometric and 2-factor authentication mechanism, you can rest assured that your users won’t become victims of simple password brute-force attack or data leaks just like that.

Healthcare providers have specific responsibilities and a need for ethical, moral, and human consideration. We at Proviatek want to help our customers meet even the most demanding commercial and sociopolitical requirements. With Safewalk, our customers can ensure that their authentication solutions stay up to date and that their customers can trust their most sensitive healthcare data under their care and attention.

Responsible Healthcare Providers for Global Citizens

Globalization and cyberspace have challenged existing concepts of state-oriented healthcare as an enabler for industrial production and welfare. Globalization of businesses, social connections, labor and movement of people all opened the world for people with just a click of a mouse. Suddenly, old healthcare institutions and conceptions had to respond to new complex issues of global scale. Many of the early digitalization projects of healthcare services did not adequately follow the security and privacy requirements, creating potential victims and vulnerabilities never seen before. Cyberspace was an enabler, facilitator, but also something that forced a drastic transformation in the whole healthcare institution and concept.

We at Proviatek Security can bring solutions for your healthcare business, which can scale and respond to various regulatory requirements. Global cyberspace spans across borders and continents, and particular responsibility falls on those who process and control any personal data. This question is not only a technical one, but ideological, ethical, and moral consideration is required as well.

Healthcare solutions in global cyberspace cannot just rely on and enforce a single unipolar world attitude, a single model of data protection, or more generally, any static concept of the relation between private and public. Modern healthcare security must respond to a complex multipolar challenge, of which privacy is one essential element.

Safewalk access management

Our approach toward improved security for the cyberspace starts from strong authentication and seamless integration into applications and backend systems. For Safewalk, it is only natural that each user will be authenticated based on what they say they know (a password of some kind), combined with facts and measurements of what they are – that is a biometric attribute or possession of the specific device, application or gadget.

On the most basic level, Safewalk will eliminate a popular mis-habit in various organizations: password sharing. With each user authenticated to the best of the effort, your audit logs stay coherent and useful in case something needs to be verified later on. Furthermore, various fine-grained user-level access credentials can be deployed with well-balanced costs and flexibility.

Only by establishing 2-factor and/or biometric authentication solutions can providers in the global cyberspace deliver healthcare solutions where both the regulative and privacy requirements are both met in a cost-effective and flexible manner. Using Safewalk from AltiPeak means that you can get up and running with your healthcare business in no extra time or cost at all!

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