The Stakes Were High at This Iconic NYC Steakhouse

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Benjamin Steakhouse knows how to serve up a great steak, but a few years ago the stakes were getting high that they would not be able to improve their customers’ experience and add new locations because the technology supporting their business was failing. Their crumbling IT infrastructure severely limited their ability to serve their customers, and their dreams of adding new locations were hindered because communication and coordination systems were hamstrung by outdated equipment and software.

Benjamin Steakhouse had great ideas for improving their customer service but had trouble simply taking reservations on busy days and could not offer their visitors enhanced experiences like access to wi-fi and online services.

Things were reaching a boiling point when they called Proviatek.

The Proviatek team came on board and conducted a thorough review of their current business processes to analyze how their technology was holding them back. Proviatek realized quickly that several improvements would add immediate value and get Benjamin Steakhouse on track to expand to new locations and increase their profitability and customer service.

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Within a few months, Proviatek had thrown out their old PBX phone system and replaced it with Voice Over IP (VOIP) so each location would have one internet cable to handle all their communication needs. This first step allowed Benjamin Steakhouse to manage multiple calls from reservation-seekers with minimal hold times. In addition, branches were suddenly able to communicate instantly with each other to manage ordering, inventory, scheduling and other critical operations.

This enormous increase in flexibility and productivity meant that suddenly they could support multiple branches from one centralized head office.

But that’s just the appetizer.

By creating a state-of-the-art wi-fi system in each location, Benjamin Steakhouse was able to capture visitor’s contact information when they logged onto wi-fi and offer specials, meal suggestions and other services to greatly enhance their customer’s experience while in the restaurant. After the happy customer left the restaurant, Benjamin Steakhouse could then use that customer’s behavior and responses to craft ongoing marketing messages that kept the customer engaged with them long after the meal was over.

Today, Benjamin Steakhouse has gone from one location to five locations including a steakhouse in Japan.

As Benjamin Steakhouse’s President puts it, “Proviatek is always ready to help and at hand on a short notice”

Proviatek is proud of our relationship with this iconic NYC restaurant chain, and their ongoing success is a testament to how a reliable partnership with a local IT company can make the difference when so much is at stake.