Grow With Us

We are a group of multicultural individuals with varying education and work experiences.
If you take pride in what you do and your values align with our culture, we’d love to meet you!

Our Culture

We are students of life and always seek to improve. At the moment, our culture consists of four core principles:

Team WorkServicing ClientsCommunicationRespect

Team Work

We are not fans of egos. In fact, we would never get work done for our clients if any of our team members had one. By helping each other with the simplest of tasks, we’ve been able to establish strong client relationships and grow Proviatek exponentially.

Everyone here does their part, and that includes the President and Vice President / CCO. Helping our clients is at the core of what we do, and we help every member of our organization grow in the process.

Servicing Clients

Our clients come first. We know that’s a strong statement, but they pay the bills. Depending on your role, you may be interacting with clients; if you are, we need you to bring your professional self.

With regard to servicing our clients, we have little to no red tape. This gives our team members freedom to do their jobs independently. We don’t believe in micromanaging, but there’s some expectation that you’ll be able to take instructions and run with them.

That doesn’t mean if you don’t know how to do something, you’ll get in trouble for it. We’re all about learning, and we’d rather a team member communicate they don’t know how to do something, so we can solve clients’ problems together.

While the level of support varies by client, we do offer 24/7 customer support as an organization. Depending on a team member’s position, they might be required to provide that support during nontraditional hours. With that said, we don’t necessarily have strict schedules and are flexible when it comes to work schedules.


This is how we get work done. We need our team members to communicate well, even when they make mistakes. Not communicating a mistake can lead to bigger problems, and can cost us our reputation and client relationships.

We embrace slipups (when reported in a timely manner) and we view them as learning opportunities. With good communication, every failure is an opportunity to grow, because our team members work together and are eager to help and learn from each other.

Because we encourage growth and value opinions, we also like when our team members communicate solutions, not problems.

Lastly, we value when team members communicate personal emergencies as they arise. Life happens — we get it. We also have families and we understand emergencies come up.

There’s also no strict schedule saying a team member needs to be at work at 9:00 AM every morning, but we generally appreciate when our team members tell us things in advance and keep us in the loop. At the end of the day, communicating effectively enables us to service our clients better.


Respect boils down to empathy. We do our best to understand what our team members are going through and treat them as we would want to be treated.

With growth, we understand our culture will change and we look forward to improving our culture with future employees.

Current Openings

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