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The Stakes Were High at This Iconic NYC Steakhouse

08 Nov 2019 by admin

Benjamin Steakhouse knows how to serve up a great steak, but a few years ago the stakes were getting high that they would not be able to improve their customers' experience and add new locations becau

Proviatek Inc. Recognized as a 5-Star IT Services Firm on Clutch

25 Sep 2019 by admin

Proviatek was conceived in 2004 with the mission to help small-to-medium sized businesses gain access to the same vital IT services that larger firms were utilizing - but at a fraction of the cost. Si

Will “Single Authentication” ever become a realistic idea?

23 Aug 2019 by admin

We at Proviatek are oftentimes promoting single sign-on and strong authentication services to global companies and entities. We support many strong authentication form factors and methods to replace,

Misuse of personal information

23 Aug 2019 by admin

Strong authentication can (not-rightfully) act as an enabler for companies to increase the level and amount of private and sensitive information stored and managed online in the cyberspace. Indeed, st