About Us

About Us

Proviatek, Inc. was initially formed in 2004 to provide Information Technology support to ‘Small and Medium’ Business who desperately required the latest in IT to bring down their operation cost, but could not afford to maintain permanent high paid IT engineers on their payroll, or outsource the IT services to big IT Firms or outsource it abroad, as some of the big corporations have done.

IT Staff Augmentation Services

Proviatek in essence, is an ‘INSOURCING’ firm, in accordance to the concept promoted recently by the US Federal Government. Proviatek provides the latest in IT Technology and Managed IT Services & Helpdesk Support to the SMB companies with engineers and support staff stationed locally in New York to support the NY-NJ-CT tri-state area. This enables the local Small & Medium companies to outsource their IT services locally, and not abroad, and still save substantially on their expenditure, and avail of a limited afterhours or a full 24×7 IT Support Services.

Proviatek with its strategic partnership with Equipment and Application Vendors provides its customers with a competitive edge they required in the present day marketplace.

Starting from 2010, Proviatek entered an expansion phase to provide an extended service in High Speed Communication and Network Design Consultancy, Wireless Site Survey and Network Design, Fiber Optic Backbone, Micro-Cell Deployment, and Security Assessment and Consulting and had been providing services to some Major Banks, Financial Institutions, City Agencies, Hospitals and Restaurant Chains.

Company Culture

Proviatek, Inc., (later identified as ‘Proviatek’) like many successful organizations, bases its success on trust – trust that we will uphold the highest ethical standards when providing services to our clients. The fundamental principles of Proviatek’s Code of Conduct can be easily summed up as honesty, integrity, transparency and a commitment to “doing the right thing”.

The Proviatek is fully committed to promoting the highest standards of ethical behavior throughout our business. We condemn corrupt and fraudulent practices and require transparency, integrity and honesty in all aspects of our work.

We will perform all services with integrity and conduct ourselves with the professionalism expected of a firm with our standing, reputation and experience. Fundamental to this is the adoption of a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to all forms of corruption and a robust Ethics and Anti-Corruption policy within the firm. These principles translate into our dealings with customers, suppliers, partners, our employees and the community. Our values also shape our stance on health and safety and the environment.

We recognize the responsibilities of Proviatek as a New York, USA registered firm, and our responsibilities in accordance with the relevant laws, statutes and codes applicable in the State of New York in which we operate.

We treat our valued employees as ‘professionals’ and give them the leeway to do the assigned jobs the best possibly way they think suitable. Our goal is NOT to micromanage our employees, thus giving them the freedom of professional expression and also a sense of responsibility.

  • Confidentiality
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Transparency
  • Accuracy & Integrity in Billing
  • Making a Difference for our Clients/Adding Value
  • Work Toward Client Self-Sufficiency
  • Accept Only Projects that Match Our Competencies
  • Respect each employee’s Professional Excellence
  • The Means Do Not Justify the Ends

Core Team

Our insourcing team includes 19 engineers and IT specialists