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3 Tips To Improve Network Up Time In Your Organization

06 Jan 2020 by admin

It wasn’t a big deal a decade back. But today, 99.9999 percent of network uptime is essential in any organization, even it now becoming an integral part of system performance management. Especially for those that rely on the internet extensively, even a few minutes of downtime can result in a massive loss in revenue.

But then maintaining maximum uptime in any organization is a challenge in itself. It depends, after all, on so many different factors. That said, here are three tips to make that possible:

Invest in business-grade hardware

You cannot expect a low-priced router and other hardware to deliver you a superior quality solution that you’re actually hoping for. Moreover, many organizations often underestimate their needs, ending up with connections and hardware that aren’t as robust, reliable and efficient. Don’t be one of them. Invest in business-grade essentials. If confused, please consult any of the IT support companies.

Switch Installation

 Overestimate your needs.

In the name of cost optimization, many organizations underestimate their network needs. But in reality, in real-time, their server capacity far exceeds what they have invested in. Moreover, they forget to factor that in the coming weeks and months, their business will eventually grow, requiring much higher network capacity. So, get more than what you really need at present. It will save you a lot of hassle and money in the future.

 Have a backup plan

What if, despite your best preparation, the network goes down? What if the routers start experiencing some error? What if there’s some problem with the hardware? You must be ready for such scenarios to minimize the disruption and get back on track quickly. This is where you need a contingency plan.

Now, having one such plan is far from simple. After all, there are so many things that could go wrong. So, it’s usually a good idea to consult an IT company and take their help. Since they regularly help organizations with such problems, they can help you too. They can assist you create a personalized backup plan – how you can hire wireless installation services in any emergency, how you can troubleshoot your hardware, how you can replace any software, how you can leverage other network sources, and more.


Maximum network uptime is essential now. Make it an important part of your system performance management. In addition, also educate your employees on the matter – on how they can effectively deal with downtime. The more you are prepared for such instances, the less you’ll struggle with the cost they come with.

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