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3 Tips for Cost-effective Wireless Connection Setup in Your Office

13 Nov 2019 by admin

You can hire a wireless installation services provider and let them take care of everything. But then it’s your business, you know your unique needs better and, most importantly, you have a limited budget that needs to be spent thoughtfully.

So, when you’re trying to set up wireless connection in your office, you’ve got to be more considerate than just the basics. To help you with that, here are three tips:

1. Do a site survey to find the “right location”

The location of the router plays a big role in wireless connectivity. A number of factors can affect the frequency, which will then disrupt coverage area. So, conducting a site survey is essential. It would help you identify the effective amount, placement and configuration of access points.

This survey is usually done in a real-time environment to see (and adjust) the demand put on the wireless network.

A thorough survey, which would usually take a few hours depending on the size of the site, will help you understand your unique needs efficiently.

2. Invest in high-quality commercial equipment

There are several mistakes business owners make here. One, they look for low-priced, poor grade Wifi equipment. Two, they undermine their requirements.

Don’t be one of them!

Remember, you need high-grade equipment that can support tens and even hundreds of connections. In this end, you must also consider your business growth. You might need something less today but your requirement could be much more in the next few months.

Good grade, high-quality wireless network equipment also ensures maximum consistency and uptime, which are quite critical in a demanding business setup. Moreover, it also lasts longer, which saves significant money in the long-run.

So, in the name of cost optimization, don’t go for the cheaper options. High-quality wifi equipment, although comparatively expensive, is always the most cost-effective choice in the long run.

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3. Find a good and experienced company

It’s much more than just Googling “IT support companies near me”.

When you’re looking for professionals to setup wireless network in your office, it’s important that you spend a sufficient amount of time here in research.

Do more than just Google. Leverage different channels and sources to find good IT companies that offer wireless installation services.

Factor their market reputation and experience; look at the kind of projects they have worked on in the past; read the reviews of their past customers.

Remember, a large part of the quality and reliability of your wireless network would depend on the professionals who are working on the installation. So, again, take your time here and pick the right IT service provider.


These are three tips for proper and cost-effective wireless connection setup in your office.

Of course, depending on your unique needs and requirements, you may encounter several challenges on the way.

But having the right wireless installation services provider by your side will keep you on the right track, ensuring successful completion of the project and higher longevity of the wireless infrastructure.

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