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3 Benefits Of Cloud Computing That Smes Can’t Overlook

21 Jan 2020 by admin

Evolve or perish, the cliché saying goes.

With how things are with small and medium-sized enterprises at present, most of them are heading to perish or, at least, struggle.

Many SMEs continue to shun away the progress in tech, remaining insular with their out-dated and old practices. Admittedly, cloud adoption has risen in recent times. Per a study, 90 percent of companies are on the cloud. However, the sophistication and investment it really requires to translate into the desired efficiency and returns are hardly spared by many of the same companies.

If you run a small or medium-scale business, have your infrastructure kept up with the advancing technologies? Have you adopted the cloud?

Here are 3 benefits of cloud computing that SMEs cannot and should not overlook:

1. Enhanced Security:

Securing your servers and, at large, the IT infrastructure isn’t easy. It requires proper investment in the right tools, tasks, and team. You must always be on your toes to keep up with the latest threats, monitor your network and thwart hackers. Even with all these, you aren’t assured of maximum security. Cloud computing companies, on the other hand, take security much seriously and make higher investments in this department. They assure higher security. And this is essential today, more than ever, when there’s a hacker attack every 39 seconds and about 300,000 new malware is created every day.

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2. Proper Disaster Recovery:

You never know when the “worst” might hit. What if your in-house system fails? What if there was a fire? What if your servers got hacked? There are plenty of things that can go wrong. Having a thorough recovery management plan in place is extremely crucial. With cloud computing, you enjoy easy, automated and cost-effective disaster recovery. This ends up being a complete game-changer for your business when something bad has happened.

3. Cost-saving:

Cloud computing allows enough opportunities to save money. Foremost, since you don’t have to invest in in-house servers, you save significantly here. Furthermore, you don’t have to keep dedicated professionals on the payroll for the management and security of the servers; it’s another way you save. These days, you can Google “IT support companies near me” and find several good names who have affordable plans. What’s more, is their pricing model where you have to pay as you go with their services; there’s no one-time, hefty investment.

These are three very important reasons why small and medium-sized businesses must invest big in cloud computing.

Of course, there are plenty more benefits. Like, good cloud computing enables a seamless flow of data, makes collaboration easier, automates various tasks, improves efficiency, and boosts revenue.

So, if you’re still reluctant to adopt better technologies, 2020 might be one of the last years when you actually have the time for it before your competitors completely run past by your business.

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