Q :  How many employees do you have?

A :  Including our President, our team is comprised of 25 people.

Q :  How many engineers do you have?

A :  We have a total of 19 engineers.

Q :  What’s your geographical coverage for service?

A :  We operate in the New York Tri-State area, especially in the greater New York area.

Q :  Are you able to provide 24/7 service?

A :  Yes, but on special agreement and service charges.

Q :  Can you provide on-site help desk support?

A :  Yes, we do!

Q :  Can you provide remote support?

A :  Yes, we can provide remote support; we can even provide 24/7 support, if needed.

Q :  Can you provide HIPAA complaint e-mail solutions?

A :  Yes, we do!

Q :  Can you provide HIPAA complaint VoIP phone solutions?

A :  Yes, we can!

Q :  Do you provide Apple Computer Support?

A :  Yes, we can. We use a 3rd party provider under contract to provide clients with this service.

Q :  What type of service contracts do you provide?

A :  We have three types of service contracts:

a) Time and material basis (relevant rates apply)

b) Block-of-hours purchased in advance (special rates apply)

c) Monthly fixed payment (special rates only after preliminary 1 or 2 month assessment)

Q :  Do all types of support covered have the same rate?

A :  No, different support types have different rates. For example, pc support, network support and security support, all have different rates.

Q :  Do all support contracts include on-site support?

A :  No, “remote support only” contracts do not have onsite support; however, they can be added for an additional fee.

Q :  What types of support are provided under pre-paid “block-of-hours” support and the monthly fixed payment support?

A :  Initial support is remote support. If initial support fails, it will escalte to level 2. If level 2 support doesn’t work, it will be escalated to level 3 support.

Q :  Do you provide Cloud Computing Services?

A :  Yes, we can provide cloud servers, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), cloud storage and backup, disaster recovery (DR) and other services.

Q :  Do you provide Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS)?

A :  Yes, when note which specific software you are looking to virtualize when reaching out.

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