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IPv6 Implementation - Assessment and Deployment Services

In 2012, Earth's population peaks at 6.995 billion and the Internet, with a population of 2.3 billion, has yet to reach 33 percent penetration rate. More and more "intelligent objects" that create, use and store data are being connected to the Internet. Such Internet-enabled objects include telephones and laptops, but also vehicles (electric trains, cars, buses etc.), household appliances and even parts of our body!

While arguing about the lifetime scope of the available IPv4 address space, the Internet community aggressively pursues a massive convergence of communication technologies (audio, data, video, and voice) over IP. Many everyday household objects already possess embedded microchips and have self-monitoring, analysis and reporting capabilities as well as the ability to control or monitor other devices and even monitor people. The community is still debating the urgency of an upgrade to IPv6.

Internet is an integral part of the worldwide economy and everybody's life. The old IPv4 versus IPv6 debate is now history.

Internet founder Vint Cerf says the address crisis is serious now – and this time even Google believes it. Vint Cerf, Google’s chief Internet evangelist and the man credited with inventing Internet protocol (IP), has said that CIOs need to be ready for IP version 6, and that if they’re not, they need to figure out what to do to fix that. Apparently, IP version 4, the one most of the Internet’s running on now is facing a bit of an address crunch that threatens the existence of the Net as we know it.

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