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IT Support And Managed Services

Network Integration

Network downtime can seriously disrupt your business, and our approach to network integration focuses on ensuring your infrastructure is flexible, resilient and scalable.

Proviatek is a full service network integrator with over 8 years of network development and systems integration experience. Proviatek professionals, with combined expertise of almost 40 years of Network Integration, are extremely qualified help you maximize your businesses potential with the latest technology. We'll save you time and money and help you grow your business through more efficient and productive systems. We offer forward-thinking expertise to address where you are today, integrating new technology with legacy systems, but also to prepare for the future, making wider use of voice/IP convergence, or support for video technologies. Our vendor independence means we are in a position to select the best products for the situation, rather than shoehorn a single-vendor solution where it might not be best applied. Our professional services team can perform network health checks and advise on migration paths as well as providing full project management. We also offer a range comprehensive range of SLAs and maintenance packages.

Proviatek provides its customers with the following services to further their network investments:
  • Performance Assessment
    After assessing the project deliverables, a skilled network analyst spends a predetermined period of time gathering statistics and information from the network. This is done by installing a network protocol analyzer on identified LAN/ WAN segments. The resulting report includes an executive overview, technical overview and a detailed technical analysis.
  • Application Response Time Assessment
    The Surveyor engineer investigates and identifies whether slow responses are network related or caused by an application (either across the network or within the server environment), thus highlighting the problem area. We have a global support base of experienced, certified network integration project managers and engineers. Our global infrastructure and service delivery processes provide consulting, project management and support for all your company network integration projects.
  • Inventory and Diagram
    Our consultants identify each network device that makes up the LAN/WAN. Using both commercial and proprietary analysis tools, our engineers document each component and device on the network, or components thereof, and compile a detailed inventory report. A diagram is then created from the gathered information.
  • Remote Access Solution
    Then Hurricane Katrina hit, and telework became an important part of many organizations' plans to continue doing business. The Federal Administration has just released its plan for dealing with a flu pandemic and, at the forefront of that plan aside from keeping people away from one another and asking them to avoid shaking hands was letting people work from home. Companies are not looking at telework because it is a congressional mandate. They are considering it because it might make good business sense. Technologies are available now enable work to continue wherever people are. People often breathlessly talk about paradigm shifts, which is what telework might be. So are you ready to enter the telework era? The technologies needed to support a company's telework initiatives have arrived and are mature enough to adequately support an entire 'teleworkforce'.

At Proviatek, knowledge of network architecture and IP technology is combined with expertise in business realities. We also have a breadth of experience in data and voice. Our knowledge of voice, both in the IP and legacy space, and skills to migrate traditional voice onto IP networks, are invaluable in our plan, build and support approach of VoIP infrastructures. Next Generation Enterprise Network Next-generation Network Gears improve performance by looking at issues such as network latency, security and application performance. These devices can scrutinize data and its destination, and then perform a variety of functions, such as checking security and giving dada a makeover for a more efficient delivery. These in turn improve application response time, ease overworked servers, and lower overall network bandwidth needs. The expected payoff is more productive users and lower information technology bills. Some of the devices have begun to push further into the application space and have undertaken functions associated with programming languages, such as Extensible Markup Language. Instead of processing XML traffic on Servers or Client systems, the Network Devices often complete those tasks on hardware blades equipped with special software that snap into open slots in Network Switches or Routers. Proviatek represents companies such as Alcatel and IBM in these products.

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