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Proviatek provides a variety of seminars and training services. These services can be delivered as described below or customized for your group. This is only a sample of the topics presented – let us know your needs and we can customize our programs for you.

Preparing for Compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule
This one-hour seminar is a great way to help focus your HIPAA Security compliance team and get everyone (such as IS Department, Security Officer, Privacy Officer, Compliance Officer, and others) on the same page about the work that needs to be done. The presentation includes:
  • Security Rule major concepts and overview, and details of all sections
  • Risk Assessment Principles and Practice, based on Federal guidelines
  • Planning your Security Compliance effort – and it will take planning
  • Next steps to take, to ensure compliance

This introductory seminar is presented at no charge or obligation to qualified parties.

This seminar provides real value and information that will be appreciated by your HIPAA compliance team – it is not a sales presentation. Sample presentation material is available upon request.

Risk Analysis
The first step in compliance is Risk Analysis (RA) necessary to understand any security deficiencies. This four-hour seminar includes the following topics:
  • Collecting existing information and preparing questionnaires
  • How to get the information you need to understand the flow
  • Drawing the Information Flow Diagram to show potential security risks
  • Risk Assessment Process Overview: The NIST process cited by HIPAA
  • Typical Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Controls
  • Determination of Likelihoods, Impacts, and Risk Levels
  • Recommendations and Documentation

This seminar includes sample lists, templates, and questionnaires to be used in analysis. Attendees will be ready to start their analyses and assessments right away.

HIPAA Workforce Security and Awareness Training
The HIPAA Security Rule calls for security awareness and training for all members of your workforce, including management.

Proviatek has prepared Information Security Training Materials that can help you deliver the required security training under HIPAA regulations. The materials consist of two documents, the training administrator’s edition and the user’s edition.

The Training Administrator’s Edition (35 pages in total) includes:
  • Instructions on how to establish and conduct a HIPAA Security Training Program
  • List of the training modules in the user edition and the intended audiences
  • 20-question Quiz with answer guide
  • A 11-page Glossary

The User’s Edition (79 pages in total) includes:
  • 22 training modules on everything from passwords to physical security, encryption to remote access
  • A 11-page glossary

The materials are supplied as Microsoft Word documents so they can be easily customized to match your own policies and procedures, or reformatted. Sample materials are available.

Proviatek can provide training materials for you to use as-is or customize yourself to match your own policies and procedures.

Proviatek can also develop customized awareness and training materials for you, and/or professionally deliver training to your workforce in live or recorded training sessions.

On-site Presentations

Proviatek provides on-site presentations on current topics of interest about information privacy and security at no or nominal cost to qualified organizations throughout the Northeast U.S.

These presentations are designed to help your organization understand and move ahead with information privacy and security, and compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, the FRCP E-Discovery Rule, and the various state information security breach notification laws.

Recent presentations have included:
  • Introduction to HIPAA Security Compliance
  • Introduction to PCI Security Compliance
  • Refresher Training for the HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • Issues in the Adoption of an Electronic Medical Record
  • Information Security Breach Notification Laws
  • E-Discovery and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Updates on Information Security Regulations, including:
    HIPAA changes due to ARRA (the Stimulus Bill of 2009)
    HIPAA Security Rule Guidance
    Updates to the PCI Data Security Standard
    New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for discovery of electronic documents
    New State Information Security Breach Notification Laws

Outside of the Northeast U.S. these presentations are available to qualified organizations at nominal cost plus travel expenses.

Contact us for further information or to schedule a presentation.

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