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IPv6 Implementation - Assessment and Deployment Services

Info WeaponsProviatek represents InfoWeapons in the United States for IPv6 Appliances and Services.

Established in 2002 in Georgia, USA, InfoWeapons opened an R&D facility in Cebu in 2004. It rolled out its flagship product, SolidDNS™, which went on to become the first and for awhile the only IPv6-Ready Gold certified DNS-DHCP appliance in the market. InfoWeapons is a privately funded company headquartered in Dulles, VA with Research and Development Centers in Asia.

The InfoWeapons SolidDNS Server Appliance provides Domain Name System (DNS) service to networks of any size in a highly secure manner. It provides increased manageability and lowers total cost of ownership by saving on the time and resources typically spent on DNS maintenance and configuration. Its friendly administration interfaces make the creation, modification, and delegation of lower level domains easier and more accurate. The appliance supports both IPv4 and the new IPv6 addressing schemes (dual stack operation), and features user input error correction.

InfoWeapons creates next generation internet products and delivers future-proofed technology solutions that are secure, intuitive and reliable. The company's products and services enable customers to make the rapid transition to next generation network technologies.

  • Fast and Easy Setup
  • Dual-Stack IPv4/IPv6
  • Active Directory Integration
  • ENUM Support
  • Pure IPv6-Capable
  • Multi-Role DNS
  • DNS Migration Tools
  • Dynamic Updates
  • High Availability
  • DHCP Integration
  • ENUM Support
  • Strong Client Authentication
  • SRV Records
  • TXT Records

The SolidDNS® Server Appliance platform provides DNS with DNSSEC and DHCP service to networks of any size in a highly secure manner. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing schemes, making the creation and delegation of lower level domains easier and more accurate. The appliance can even automatically create reverse mappings for every registered domain or network.

SolidDNS may be deployed within the network as a primary DNS server. As such it may be used to resolve local hostnames to private IP addresses or to resolve external domains on the Internet. The appliance may be deployed as the network's standalone DNS server, or it can replace and/or complement an existing DNS server. SolidDNS™ can also provide full DHCP services to network clients.

The diagram shows a SolidDNS appliance configured as a primary DNS server for a small network, resulting in faster DNS response times for queries from the internal network.

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