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IT Support And Managed Services

PrimeSupport Network Support Service

Pre-Scheduled Maintenance Plan: Full on-site service for PCs and printers, servers and peripherals. Experienced engineers anticipate problems, keeping your system and your company running at optimum efficiency. On-site diagnosis, re-calibration, adjustment, testing, parts replacement, and repair are all part of having the security of Proviatek Pre-Scheduled Maintenance Plan.
  • Fixed hourly rate
  • Use on an as-and-when required basis
  • Unlimited on-site visits on call
  • 4-hour response time
  • Telephone Hot Line
  • Loan of replacement equipment
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Free professional consulting for system upgrades


PrimeSupport Service Cost:
The Pre-Scheduled Maintenance plan is extremely cost effective. Available in a 40 Hour or in multiples of 40 Hours package, it fits into your annual budget, insuring you against unplanned emergency bills. Best of all, any hours which may remain unused by the end of the contract, can be carried over if the PrimeSupport Service Contract is renewed.
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Security Assessment
  • Baseline Support

Flexible Custom Service:
Contracts can be designed to meet your specific needs, covering all aspects of your LAN network system—from mainframe connectivity through fax modems. And Proviatek goes beyond manufacturers’ warrantees—covering user-caused difficulties, too. This Flexible Customer Service includes:
  • Administration
  • Special projects assistance
  • Upgrade consulting
  • Emergency Rescue Plan offers emergency PC and service at a premium charge:
  • Same day call response
  • 30-day warranty on services performed
  • Loaner equipment with an optional charge

Proviatek engineers are trained, certified and experienced to service all major hardware and software systems.

PrimeCare Managed Service Program

A complete Proactive Maintenance for your Network Proviatek NOC is the leading remote monitoring and management platform deployed globally by Proviatek as the 'PrimeCare' Program, servicing the small and medium business market.

Don't waste another minute fighting network issues. The PrimeCare Program reduces downtime through availability monitoring and immediate remediation, and improves availability through a rigorous proactive incident avoidance program. Through our monitoring system we collect and analyze performance and event data. Our technicians spend time at your location, maintaining your systems and help you attain the highest level of network availability.

How often have you had to call your service provider about a network issue and then wait for them to dispatch a technician? That technician had to determine the source of the issue and determine if they had the parts required to resolve your issue. That was all time lost in diagnosis, travel and actual repair.

We can reduce the amount of issues that you endure. We'll have technicians looking after your network to deal with issues BEFORE they affect your productivity.
PrimeCare Program
  • Performance of off-site checklist
  • Discounted rate for on-site and off-site support
  • Equalized monthly payments
  • Increased incident avoidance
PrimeCare+ Program
All benefits of the PrimeCare Program, plus
  • On-site checklist
  • Scheduled on-site support
  • Unlimited remote support
  • Deeper discount for on-site support

Network Operation Center (N.O.C.)

This is a fully managed Network Operations Center service. Proviatek will design, plan, architect, implement and maintain your entire monitoring infrastructure. We will install and configure the enterprise server, server agents, knowledge modules and all other required software on all devices to be monitored. Proviatek N.O.C. will take care of all of the routine maintenance, "care and feeding", patch/upgrade installations and so on.

If desired, we can also baseline all of your monitored equipment or train your Techs how to do this. We can help recruit NOC Techs or train existing Employees to become professional NOC Techs. We can help with your Network Operations Center design as well as helping to develop operational policies and procedures for your NOC Techs to follow.

Once your NOC has been built, warnings and alarms can be sent to pagers, e-mail addresses, trouble ticket systems or to monitoring stations that your Techs view in real time. We can also provide dedicated POP e-mail addresses and/or access to our fully featured trouble ticket system.

Once it's operational, Proviatek N.O.C. will continue to manage your monitoring environment and will install patches, updates and so on as required. We can also modify alert threshold settings, procedures and processes on an ongoing basis, at your request. We are happy to do as much or as little of the day to day operational work as you like.

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