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How Can We Help With HIPAA Compliance?
The HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules require a number of policies and procedures to be established, and actions to be taken for compliance.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule is undergoing significant changes with new patient rights and new restrictions on uses and disclosures of PHI going into effect. Proviatek can:
  • Review your HIPAA Privacy policies to ensure they include the required topics and reflect the new regulations, and
  • Provide the training necessary to get your staff up to speed on your HIPAA policies, new and old

The HIPAA Security Rule isn’t changing much, but it’s being enforced more fully and you need to be sure you have the risk analysis, policies, and procedures necessary to protect PHI. We can:
  • Perform a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis to identify the areas you need to focus on for reducing your security risks
  • Review your HIPAA Security policies to make sure they meet the extensive requirements of the rules, and provide new policy language where needed
  • Provide the training you need to make sure policies are actually implemented and followed

  • Provide technical security specialists to review the technical security of systems and networks and recommend and implement improvements
  • Establish the documentation necessary to show compliance, and documentation systems needed to stay in compliance

The HIPAA Breach Notification Rule requires that you have an incident handling process that will help you determine whether an incident is a breach or not, and what to do if it is. Proviatek can:
  • Review your policies and procedures to ensure you have what you need in the event of a potential breach
  • Provide the policies and processes to help prevent breaches, prepare for the eventuality of breaches, and provide a guide for what to do when a breach actually occurs

Business Associates have new obligations under the HIPAA regulations that will require changes to the Business Associate Agreements you have in place as well as new ones going forward. Proviatek can help you:
  • Prioritize your BA agreements for review and updating
  • Provide language to amend current agreements and create a new template

New audit and enforcement activities raise the bar for compliance with HIPAA. We can help you:
  • Work through the compliance questions asked of other entities in prior audits
  • Understand the most common risks and how they can be minimized
  • Avoid the problems the enforcers from the US Department of Health and Human Services find most often, and the fines they’ll be happy to levy for non-compliance

To discuss your needs, please contact us for an initial discussion at no cost. We're always happy to answer questions and help as best we can.

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