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Federal State & City Registrations

Proviatek, Inc. CCR No: 156329059
Proviatek, Inc. CAGE/NCAGE No: 60R42


Proviatek, Inc. SBA (Small Business Administration) No: P1238320


Proviatek, Inc. is State of New York authorized for business


The City of New York Vendor Registration (VIN#): VC00112733


The CCR registration process was in acted in 1977 by President Bill Clinton as means to streamline the governmental procurement process. This gave the federal government a “single face to industry”. According to FAR 4.11 all prospective vendors must have a CCR registration prior to being awarded governmental contracts.

Central Contractor Registration (CCR) provides worldwide visibility of sources to government buyers and finance officers for the purpose of streamlining contract awards and payments. This means effective January 1, 2001, contractors receiving payments under DOT or DHS contracts, purchase orders, delivery orders, or other contractual vehicles should be registered in the CCR.

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