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Data Storage, Archiving & Virtualization Services

Nasuni Backup Solutions:
Nasuni Backup SolutionsNasuni, a next-generation enterprise storage company, delivers Data Continuity Services that solve the challenges of the file access and file storage across the entire enterprise. Nasuni makes it possible for companies to have shared access to all file data in every office and automatically bring a consistent level protection across all locations. Nasuni offers IT a single solution that unifies primary storage, global access, offsite disaster recovery and backup with a 100 percent reliability guarantee supported by the industry’s most stringent services level agreement. With Nasuni, organizations can simplify IT, ensure business continuity, and reduce the total cost of storage.

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Proviatek is an authorized reseller for NASUNI and please contact us at sales.it@proviatek.com for more info and pricing on the products.

FAST LTA (Silent Cube) Archiving Solution:

FAST LTA (Silent Cube) Archiving Solution

FAST SILENT CUBE - Long-term data archiving with Zero power

Certified long-term data archiving with Zero Power hard disk storage
Silent Cubes by FAST LTA are the exceptionally secure alternative to conventional long-term storage solutions based on magnetic tapes or optical media. Silent Cubes are certified, energy-saving, quiet, ultra-redundant and scalable. Data can also be replicated both locally and remotely, further increasing overall and fail-safe reliability.

Silent Cubes: the ultimate alternative to magnetic tapes and optical jukeboxes
Maintaining compliance with the myriad of factors impacting consistent, legal and reliable data protection pose relentless challenges to IT personnel and service providers. With today’s increasing digitization, the volume of data generated is virtually exploding while legal stipulations call for ever higher security measures. Meanwhile, not a day goes by without an unsettling report of data losses having potentially global impact.

Silent Cubes by FAST LTA are the modern, hard disk-based solution to revision-safe, long-term storage of digital data. Zero Power technology makes Silent Cubes exceptionally energy-saving and yet still gives you the advantages of fixed disk storage: high speed, deduplicating, ready scalability and high reliability.

The solution is based on high-performance Head Unit (NAS - Network Attached Storage) which, together with one or more storage units, provides a virtual file system and serves as the target for your backup or archive software.

The Silent Cube - True Worm Hardware Storage
Proviatek is an authorized reseller for Silent Cube and please contact us at sales.it@proviatek.com for more info and pricing on the products.

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