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Leading companies are tackling the complexity of their application and IT environments with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), which facilitates the development of modular business services that can be easily integrated and reused—creating a truly flexible, adaptable IT infrastructure. With an SOA approach, your IT organization will focus more resources and budget on innovation and on delivering new business services.

SOA projects tend to be the initiatives which need a solid process and methodology to ensure the success of an SOA project. In a service-oriented architecture, information and processes, once locked in purpose-built applications, become a set of software services, broadly available for integration and flexible reuse.

SOA promises dramatically improved alignment of IT with the needs of business through:
  • Broad-scale application connectivity and interoperability
  • Easier alignment of IT around the needs of the business, representing applications and systems as a set of modular, reusable business components which can be flexibly joined together to form automated business processes
  • Enhance reuse of existing applications and data, minimizing custom software development
  • Reduced integration costs
  • Reduced vendor lock-in and switching costs

Enterprise Architecture and Methodologies

Proviatek is expert in the industry tools, technologies, frameworks, and best practices that enable the quick and easy implementation of services. In addition, Proviatek has the expertise for developing a SOA uses methodology to identify reusable services in your applications and organization and address the issues with distributed software, and multiplatform, application & data integration. The software development methodology that Proviatek recommends is a hybrid of RUP and XP: We use RUP to build your SOA for the base components, and then switch to XP to maintain and enhance it. The Zachman Framework helps companies organize and prioritize the various perspectives on Enterprise Architecture (EA); SOA is more than simply an architectural approach for dealing with the functional aspects of systems. Proviatek helps to express business processes as compositions of Services using the Zachman Framework. At Proviatek, we understand that innovation and enlightened business thinking know no borders.

We bring together diverse viewpoints and constantly produce IT based solutions to improve the quality of our customers businesses. Our services include:
  • Client-server based software development.
  • Database design and population using customized content conversion techniques.
  • Development of web-based applications.
  • Consultation services.

Our skills sets include:

  • All areas of Internet technologies with specialization in ASP, CGI, Visual Basic, Perl, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, DHTML, MS Transaction Server, MS Index Server, Front Page Server, XML, EJB's, JSP, Servlets, CORBA, WAP, WMLScript
  • Experience in MS IIS, Netscape server, O'Reilly Web Site server, Proxy Servers, MS Exchange Server, Real Audio Server, Apache, BEA Weblogic, WebSphere, iPlanet.
  • Experience in design, development and implementation of Web databases using Access 97, SQL Server, Oracle 8.0 and 8i Client/server programming - COBOL, Basic, C, C++, Java.
  • Project analysis, management, design and development skills with tools MS Project, Rational Rose.

Proviatek's experience is wide, deep, and twelve years in the making. From the beginning, we have always been very critical with our deliverables. Proviatek's customers stand testimony to its quality and reliability of service delivery. Customers value consistent, predictable business processes that deliver world-class levels of quality. This is what Proviatek strives to produce. This puts the full power of Proviatek behind our quest for better, faster customer solutions.

Onsite Implementation and Deployment

Proviatek's Applications Implementation Department (AID) implements applications, utilizing "best practices" and proven methodologies to successfully guide the customers and facilitate in the process of collecting their business requirement towards the deployment of the application. We use a consistent, deliverable and driven implementation approach on all of our applications implementation projects. The goal of our approach is to provide results and structure without unnecessary overhead and break down the requirements into three months deliverables. Proviatek has an extensive background of helping customers overcome the challenges of their application implementation. We collaborate with our customers during all phases of the implementation, from project planning to requirements definition, data conversions, to end-user training and all aspects in between. We also can provide ongoing support to assist the customers with the transition from legacy systems to the latest versions.

Proviatek has resources with extensive experience with .NET, J2EE, XML, WSDL, VB, COBOL and AS400. Proviatek has representative offices at off shore locations such as London, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines to provide the cost effective proposition for the project implementation.

Application Maintenance

Our maintenance services range from minor enhancements to complete development life cycle maintenance. Proviatek provides ongoing functional and application support for your application maintenance needs. Our dedicated teams work for stabilizing, optimizing, and extending your applications so that its functionality continues to meet your growing and changing needs.

Our services include:
  • Technical enhancements
  • Functional enhancements
  • Corrective adjustments
  • Emergency fixes
  • Productivity improvement
  • Testing and debugging
  • Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering
  • Documentation

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